Welcome to the world of 3T Systems.

3T Systems was founded in 2011 by Rob Dolinski and Jordan Hiebert. The goal? To provide a family friend with a reliable connection to the Internet. It didn't take long for us to realize that there was a huge need for quality Internet access in rural Manitoba. Over the years our business has grown, but our mission remains the same: to provide exceptional services, whether you're in town or in the country.

Locally Owned

3T Systems is owned by a couple of guys from the area, not some bigwigs in a far-away city. We know having unreliable access to the Internet sucks, and we're committed to changing the status quo!

Service Minded

We take great pride in getting to know our customers, and maintaining friendly relationships is important to us. 3T Systems strives to take a proactive approach to service- we address issues before they become a problem.

Involved in the Community

3T Systems is proud to be involved in the community. We are members of the local Chamber of Commerce, and are partners in special events such as the Niverville Olde Tyme Country Fair.

Ready for the Future

Our network has been meticulously designed to ensure that we're ready to evolve with the ever-changing market.

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